UGREEN’s Type-C Devices: The Ultimate USB-C Device


The company UGREEN ticks all the boxes for the premium requirement in high-quality electronic gadget accessories such as type-c cables, adapters, power banks, phone stands, etc. They perform better than expected. These are well-made, tried, and tested tools recommended by users and proven by international standards. UGREEN is specialized in manufacturing hardware cables such as USB hardware and AC adapters. Their other consumer electronic equipment such as headphones and earphones are best sellers around the world. UGREEN emphasizes hi-tech workmanship and efficient performance with very cool looks at the same time.

But in this article, the emphasis is only focused on explaining why USB-C type devices are confidently many steps ahead of others in the segment and why it’s an ideal choice to pick only UGREEN’s USB-C type devices.

Why UGREEN USB-C Over Others

Not all USB-C cables can meet the durability and endurance factor like the ones offered by UGREEN USB-C type cables. Not all kinds of cables are capable of delivering the ultimate transfer speeds and protocols as claimed. This is where UGREEN USB-C comes into place. They are the best for fast data transfer up to 10 Gbps of speed and fast charging up to 100 watts of power compatible with all kinds of devices.

Build quality of UGREEN’s USB-C

The USB-C from the house of UGREEN is undoubtedly the best of both worlds when it comes to the value for money quotient as well as uncompromised focus on making the products with the best quality raw materials along with implementing the best production method to achieve the strongest build quality to meet rough and regular usage. Not only its feature and looks but also comes with sturdy braided chords and a strong metallic connector jack, making it unable of fragility and breakability and outlasting up to more than 3000 bends and 8 years as per public test reports.

Moreover, the USB-C multiport adapter is the all-time champion for HDMI, ethernet uses, and other uses. Also, it meets the best of its potential only when it’s used and self-experienced. Time to UGREEN offers discounts and price drops to make it even more accessible no matter how reasonable the price ranges are.

UGREEN’s USB-C Products

There are a lot of articles flooding the internet, based on the user feedback of UGREEN’s flexible quality from different customers all over the world. Here is the summary of them with the example of a few products among all the UGREEN’s masterpieces.

USB C to Micro-B 3.0 Cable

The UGREEN-made USB-C to Micro-B 3.0 Cable supports a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 5Gbps allowing to transfer high quality 1G videos in a few seconds. It connects with most laptops and USB-C 3.0-enabled devices such as hard drive cameras, smartphones, etc. It has high-quality PVC material, constructed strongly for flexibility. The copper conductors, foil, and braid allow fast data transfer and charging.

USB A to USB C Fast Charging Cable. These UGREEN products are very safer and quicker cables compatible with almost all standards. The updated built-in resistor protects smartphones from voltage fluctuations while fast charging. These are the best portable car chargers. Thus, fast charging saves time while traveling. Also, it takes a few seconds, of course even less than a minute to transfer bigger files above 1 GB, supported by 480 Mbps of transferring speed.

USB A to USB C Quick Charging Cable

This UGREEN USB-C is capable of shielding itself and the devices it’s connected to from overcurrent, overcharge, and over-voltage protection. Because it has a built-in 3A MAX 56 K ohm pull-up resistor. It also ensures more stable transfer and safer electrical utilization due to its nylon braided and purely copper thick core. It’s only own designed and developed unique aluminium alloy housing case with reinforced connector jack gives it a much longer lifespan and endurance for regular day-to-day use.

Nothing can beat UGREEN USB-C

Everyone finds UGREEN cables better in terms of everything than others. UGREEN has over 40 million loyal customers in around 100 countries all over the world due to its value and reasonable price. They are acquiring more and more customers very fast along with repeat customers, proving its dependability. In short, the basis of the increasing rate of their business is only due to their understanding of every kind of customer’s needs.


The world knows that UGREEN focuses highly on R & D and updates for their products. The UGREEN USB-C is also compatible with international voltage standards. Their USB-C type 3.0 can support USB type A also. They also look great and feel very premium. Also, from the inside out, they are capable and durable. Hence, as mentioned in the starting, the UGREEN products tick all the boxes.


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